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What is Chamfr Connect?

An online forum that connects supply chain providers who have a need with those who have raw materials, components, manufacturing capabilities or capacity.

Why are we here?

We’re bringing together requesters and providers so they can quickly connect matching needs with solutions and help get critical products manufactured. This is especially important during this COVID-19 crisis.
We’re compiling resources that provide insights, updates, and connections in an effort to further connect those working diligently to respond to those in need.
We care about our partners, friends, and family. We’re doing our part to help.

Who are we?

The team that created Chamfr Connect has decades of combined experience in the medical device contract manufacturing space and are the founders of As an online marketplace, exclusively for medical device components, is designed to connect engineers and supply chain teams with sellers that are committed to getting components in your hands, faster.
Chamfr Connect’s mission is to further bring together the medical device contract manufacturing community so we can more efficiently solve the upstream supply chain issues and get critical products into hospitals to help save lives. The forum was created to connect requesters who have innovative ideas for product solutions with the right providers who have raw materials, components, manufacturing capabilities or capacity and want to be part of the solution.
As a digital forum, tool, and resource, the site will be constantly evolving and changing. Check back frequently for updates. Have an idea or want to help, email us at